Mick’s Soap Setup



A Good Soap Setup should be clear of clutter and very spacious. Highly ventilated is recommended due to lye smells and odors.

The process of making soap is both fun and calming. You are constantly mixing and stirring to pour a beautiful product that you get to take in your success at the end.

***Lye is very dangerous and can cause blindness or burns if proper safety items are not used.


Items That Can be purchased at Dollar Tree:

Mixing Bowls



Safety Glasses

Rubber Gloves



Canola Oil

Coconut Oil

Essential Oil


  • Lye is needed in order to produce soap most other items can be purchased at a local Dollar Tree/Store
  • ***Cautious Lye is very dangerous substance which can be very harmful if not handled in a safe and proper way.***

Bar Soap Holders

Grey Soap Holders – Silicone

Making soap is a fairly straightforward process, with easy to follow instructions.

It typically requires three or four ingredients – water, lye made by mixing water and sodium hydroxide together, fat or oil in liquid form such as canola oil and finally a bit of surfactant, deodorant or fragrance to get that fresh-from-the-drier smell.

Soap can be made in batches of whatever size wished. Larger amounts are easier to work with due to the safety of using an oven to dry the soap, so it doesn’t take up all kitchen space when drying.