About Me

Mickolas Lee was Born and raised in Dallas, Texas.

In desperate time we all do some desperate things. Recently during the pandemic many have vowed to work from home. Especially, now since gas prices are rising to riduclous amounts. These times will cause us to pray like never before. During my times of praying to GOD, I ask for an idea of something that I can do to make ends meet while working from home. While waiting for my answer, GOD reminded me of the Miracle Supply of Oil found in II Kings 4. This widow woman was in a dire need to make ends meet, or the creditors was going to take her sons away. She went to the prophet for guidance and she followed everything that the prophet told her to do.

While watching TikTok videos, I came across many videos of various individuals creating artwork in the form of soap. I immediately became enlightening because being a former artist and a musician. There is nothing like being one of a kind and doing something that can not be easily duplicated. I eventually formed Mick’s Soap.

Every bar is different and one of a kind, similar like snow flakes. Not one snow flake is the same as the next one.

I believe that GOD want us to be what HE has created us to be; individual with our uniquely talents and gifts.

At the end of the story above the prophet Elisha told the widow woman to go and sell the oil, and pay the creditors then you and your household can live on the rest.